rules in asteriski

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rules in asteriski

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i want install
1 - Asterisk RealTime
2- mysql
i want make som rules If a user make a call from a sip account, asterisk will send that call out using any one of the port from A1 to A16. If A15 was selected for that call, then after that call ends, A15 will not be used for 2 minutes for sending any other calls
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and also new call from a15 should be dialed to any other 3 ports one by one for 30 seconds each
so if we wait for 2 minutes and then call other port for 30 seconds, then other for 30 seconds and then the their port for 30seconds. So in total that port will be not used for dialing 2 minute + 30 +30 +30 = 3 and half minutes
i have asterisk 13

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